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  • Why Choose Virtual Telehealth Counseling?

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    Starting therapy is hard enough. Making the first call, finding the right therapist to work with, traveling to the therapy office; all of this can make therapy feel out of reach. Virtual Telehealth counseling brings therapy to you; wherever you find yourself!

    It is no secret that current generations value mobility. Smart phones, computers, and flexible work-from-home jobs have created a new work environment. Physical presence is no longer required for communication. One of the most important elements is the flexibility that technology allows.

    Ashley offers virtual counseling. This involves a therapy session conducted via video conference, as opposed to in-person treatment. These video sessions can be conducted anywhere, at any time that fits within your schedule. There are often fewer obstacles when attending an appointment virtually.

    A 2017 review of the current literature supports these earlier findings and recognizes telemental health, such as online counseling, as an effective solution for service delivery and is especially advantageous for geographically isolated communities.

    Despite the popularity of digital communication, some may still question “virtual counseling”. How can it be the same as sitting across from someone in person? The good news is, data shows telehealth is as effective at treating mental health disorders as an in-person therapy session. The importance of facial cues are not lost with video conferencing. Furthermore, Ashley is still able to offer the highest quality treatment. This can be done all while being location independent. Standard of care is important, and therefore it is key that all services offer maximum health benefits.

    The benefits of virtual telehealth counseling are numerous.


    Video conference appointments make it possible to have an appointment wherever and whenever. Often times people might avoid treatment because they believe they lack the time for an appointment. For individuals with busy schedules or time-intensive jobs, this flexibility can enable treatment.

    Fewer Missed Appointments:

    Even though we might recognize therapy as being important, sometimes other things get in the way. There might be too much traffic, or an end-of-day meeting runs late. These unexpected occurrences can cause missed appointments. This can in turn have a negative impact on mental health. Being able to video conference with your therapist gives you the time and power to connect to your appointment at the office, for instance, or from the comfort of your home after a long day.

    Ease of Access:

    Sometimes a busy schedule isn’t the only thing keeping us from therapy. Perhaps a new baby or difficulty finding childcare could be the difference between making it to your therapy appointment or skipping it. Or you may be traveling, and unable to meet with your therapist in person. Telehealth counseling allows your therapist to literally meet you where you are.

    Expanded Reach:

    Many individuals around the country face mobility problems or live far outside of a city. These hindrances can prevent them from seeking and getting the care they need. Telehealth counseling allows therapists to expand their reach beyond their local area. It allows them to serve clients who may be farther away or unable to come into an office for an appointment.


    Consistency and routine can play significant roles in reducing anxiety. Telehealth counseling eliminates stress factors. Being able to connect to your appointment anywhere can allow for increased consistency. Sticking to a routine or schedule of appointments can be made possible by the flexibility of location. This routine, in turn, can help to reduce anxiety or other feelings of stress.

    Online telehealth counseling is believed, by some, to be the wave of therapy future.