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  • ADD/ADHD Counseling and Executive Functioning Coaching

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    If you’re looking for a therapist for ADHD, you’ve found the right place. Treatment can make a dramatic difference in your symptoms. With the right support, you can get on track for success in all areas of life

    Many think of ADHD as a childhood disorder. But a surprising number of people are diagnosed with ADHD as adults. Adults with ADHD commonly suffer from symptoms such as: 

    • Trouble focusing on and completing tasks at work or school.
    • Impulsive behavior (compulsive online shopping, gambling, or interrupting others while talking).
    • Poor planning and time management.
    • Difficulty sitting still.
    • Trouble paying attention or listening to others.
    • Making careless mistakes
    • Regularly losing things

    Often, people discover they have ADHD when it affects some aspect of their life. Sometimes, they recognize symptoms in themselves when their child is diagnosed with ADHD.

    The above symptoms and behaviors can strain relationships…it is not uncommon for adults to discover they have ADHD during couples therapy.

    ADHD can add complexity to parenting duties. It can impact the whole family.

    Therapy for adult ADHD can be very helpful. We can provide education to help you develop skills to manage ADHD. We can help you to:

    • Learn to manage impulsive behavior.
    • Improve time management.
    • Develop skills to make you more organized.
    • Learn tips to help pay attention.
    • Stop ADHD from damaging your relationships.

    Don’t let ADHD damage your job or your relationships. Let us help you develop coping skills…gain insight, and practical tips. Live your life in control of ADHD, don’t let it control you!